Up up up above

Things are looking up now. They’re not entirely perfect, but definitely not as bleak as they were early last week.

I have a job interview this afternoon, go me. Over the weekend, I applied for four different openings all over the Metroplex. This is the only one I have heard back from. This morning, I’ve already applied for two additional openings. I am becoming obsessed with this whole job search thing. I couldn’t even tell you how I found three of the postings. I just google various things, go to whatever sites come up, and then I’m off on tangents. Ah, well.

The other news is that I will hopefully start working towards a Master’s Degree in Public Health from UNT this fall. It should take a year or two to complete and it is perfect considering that it’s relevant to veterinary medicine and I can take my classes online. I can keep a full-time job, y’all! My goal is to boost my GPA back up in hope of getting back into vet school.

I also can’t express how happy I am to be back in Dallas. I truly am. Yesterday, as I was riding with Dustin  from his place near Plano back to Dallas, I just looked around and was thankful to be back in DFW. As we were exiting to get to my parents’ place, I pointed out a billboard advertising legal services with the words “Baby Mama Drama?” printed across it in huge red letters. Oh yes, I am home.

I am also happy to say that Dustin and I will are doing well. We had a good weekend together that culminated with us spending Sunday evening at The Ballpark together to watch the Rangers beat those freakin’ Angels. My problem has been that with all this free time (I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t either in school or working full-time), all I do is think think think and overanalyze things. I find cracks where they don’t necessarily exist and stress myself out over nothing. I have definitely been doing this where my relationship with Dustin was concerned. I’m beginning to trust that we will be okay, though, which is finally giving me some much-needed peace of mind.

That’s where I currently stand, friends. Hopefully, I’ll have some nice updates for y’all soon!


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