I wasn’t done

I feel that I have no one to talk to. I would love to talk to my Mom and hear some encouragement from her, but I know she would only worry and feel terrible that she wasn’t able to stay with me this week like we had planned. When I say “talk” I actually mean cry. I need someone to cry to. I hate crying at times like this because I feel so weak and ungrateful. I should be glad that I’m in vet school, even if it means having no life because I’m studying my ass off for exams. The truth is that I am absolutely drained. I almost feel hopeless. I know I can do it, I know I can get the grades, but the things I have to go through to get them? So draining.

I’m just tired. So tired. A nap would be nice, but I am too restless to actually take one.

F bombs F bombs F bombs.


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