My poor brain and my poor body. I am going to put them both through hell this week.

It’s a good thing that I stay healthy otherwise.

I have been studying since nine o’clock this morning and my brain would really like a break, one that I’m not very willing to give it considering the fact that I have three comprehensive finals coming up this week. I ate half a sandwich earlier and that’s all I’ve had all day, because who can really eat at times of stress? I slept for six hours last night and that will more than likely be the most sleep I get all week. I am just a mess.

I keep telling myself to just push through this shitty week, to beat myself up because the grades are worth it and because after this week, I’ll have a long summer to recover in Dallas with the ones I love.

So don’t stop now, Daisy gal. Keep on going, stay as strong as you can, get through this no matter how tired you are. Things will be so much better in just four days!


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