End of another week

The rash on my neck is still on my neck. Add more hives to it, though. There are some on my right arm, right on the skin over my biceps, and some on my chest now. Nice, big, red, swollen, itchy bumps. Yay for spring? I am now almost certain that they are a result of insect bites. Those little turds must be reproducing like crazy this time of year.

Another week has gone by and, again, it was a week of hell. At school all day Monday and Tuesday, only to have to come home and study all evening and night for an exam I had to take on Wednesday. Then, school all day on Wednesday and Thursday, only to have to come home an study all evening and night for an exam on Friday.

Thankfully, my week ended well. Yesterday, I attended the first meeting of the newly formed Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine student chapter of the Lesbian and Gay Veterinary Medical Association. Whoo, long name, huh? I’m looking forward to becoming involved with this group. All the other groups/organizations that I am a member of are professional/medical organizations. This is more of a social group, I believe. And I mean social as in we will hopefully have social gatherings and not just learning/volunteering gatherings, but social as in it involving social issues. Needless to say, I’m happy that this organization is getting going. We even elected officers yesterday!

After the meeting, I was off to take that exam I mentioned. I rocked it: 48/50, which is pretty much the equivalent of making As on two and a half quizzes (because there is so much weight on this exam). Go me.

Fridays, I get to come home early. I was back at my place by 2PM and ended up taking a (well-deserved) long, glorious nap! Oh, how I miss taking naps and not feeling guilty about it. The truth is that I wouldn’t survive without taking naps every now and then, but they’re usually short and I don’t enjoy them very much. If I do take a long nap, I simply wake up feeling as though I have wasted too much time. Bummer, eh?

Unfortunately, as wonderful as my day was, it didn’t end well. This is because I can’t be happy when someone I love tremendously is very unhappy. I wish I could make things better, but I don’t know how. All I know is that I hope we can make it through these final two weeks… Then I’ll be home…


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