Nearing the end

Less than three weeks to go!

I am a horrible blogger because there are always at least twenty things ahead of blogging on the list that I keep in my brain of things to be done. My poor fried brain. It’s getting too old for this. Good thing I didn’t wait any longer to apply to this school. Good thing I was accepted on my first attempt!

Today was a good day. Not a spectacular day, by any means, but good in comparison to the draining days that seem to have become the norm in my life. Today was the Vet School’s Open House. I volunteered selling food this morning. I did the selling, the money-handling, because if they let me get too close to the food, I’d probably burn something or eat it. The money we made goes towards our class and when people realized that, they started donating to us! Some people would donate their fifty-cent change. One woman donated her eighteen-dollar change! Wow. The generosity of people really lifts my spirits. The excitement of children, their desire to learn, their enthusiasm for veterinary medicine and animals… that did it too. So did the many people who congratulated us for choosing this profession.

I needed that. I truly did. It was enough to inspire me to come straight home and pretty much study all day. Well, after the Texas Rangers game, that is. I can’t wait to go to one this summer.

Thoughts of summer need to be put on hold for now. I really need to focus… Less than three weeks to go. Oh muh lawd!


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