Winding down

How did I let myself get so down last week? Where did it all come from? Where was my hope and my pride? I tried my best to dig for it, but I just couldn’t find it. Or maybe I just wasn’t letting it flourish. I let so much time go to waste… Such a damn shame.

No matter now because I am better. Less than five weeks until the semester ends and although there is so much to learn and do in those five weeks, optimism is finding its way back to me.

I only have one more torturous anatomy exam left to take. I have three demonstrations to make: how to palpate a horse, how to do a physical exam on a dog with the client present, and how to perform a neurological exam on a dog. I can do it… I am so much better at the hands-on things than I am at the boring study-retain-and-spit-out-information-for-a-grade stuff.

Of course, that is not all that is left to do. I still have to learn the anatomy of ruminants (animals with four stomachs such as cows, goats, and sheep). I have numerous lecture exams and finals to take, several lab exams, several quizzes, assignments, blah blah blah. Life of a student.

Five weeks…


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