Happy, happy, happy

A quick trip to Dallas has put me in the a wonderfully happy mood. I am in love with life right now and with all the special people who play a role in mine.

My Mom greeted me so warmly as soon as she stepped through the door of her house (she wasn’t home when I arrived) and immediately asked if there was anything that I needed or wanted. My grandparents were thrilled to see me when I walked over to their house and very enthusiastically started telling me about all the little quirks they have noticed in their newly adopted dog. My little cousins asked me about school, about where I live, and how my critters are doing. Dustin was as sweet and accommodating as ever. He never fails to show me just how much he loves me.

Now, I’m back in College Station, waiting to fall asleep so that I can begin what is sure to be another hectic week of school. With this great attitude and sense of joy, though, I’m sure I’ll make my way through it just fine.

I should add that there are several people that I love and miss, but was not able to see during my expedited trip. Not to worry, brave little heart of mine. Next week brings you Spring Break and plenty of time to show your love and gratitude to the people who keep you happy and full.

Life is grand.


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