Marching into March

I have obviously given up on the 365 Project. The purpose of it was for me to have a creative outlet and to pay better attention to my surroundings. My life is so monotonous, though, and I am always in such a hurry, that I didn’t feel there was enough for me to photograph. Actually, there isn’t enough time for me to explore and find things to photograph. Oh well. I’ll keep trying, though. Whenever I do capture something good, I’ll share it.

I want to write so much right now, but as always, I have too much to do and too little time to do it in. I need to finish my laundry, clean a little, pack some things up, and head to Dallas. I haven’t been home since January. I haven’t been out of flippin’ College Station since January! Believe me when I say that I need out!
So out I go!
And yes, I am ridiculously happy that March is here and that spring and summer are finally returned to me. I am aware that the winter was mild and that there wasn’t much for me to complain about, but regardless, the days were still short and cloudy. I need my sunshine! And the mornings were still too cold and not as pleasant as I like them. Oh… Welcome, spring! This little daisy is thrilled that you are back!

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