Daisy daisy, up with the morning dew

At 6AM, while most people are sleeping, I am outside walking Canelo Dog. The only things I hear are the jingling of Canelo’s tags, the sound of his nails against the concrete sidewalk, my own footsteps, the chirping of the birds, and the obnoxious train, which is just as loud in the wee hours of the morning as it is throughout the entire day. Everybody else is still in bed (at least everyone who lives in my apartment complex). I always feel that Canelo and I are the first to emerge into each and every weekday. With 8 o’clock classes Monday through Friday, we can’t help it. We even wake up before the sun does! How unnatural is that?!

I don’t enjoy winter mornings too much. They’re actually quite miserable. Remind me to enjoy spring mornings when they get here and remind me to take pictures of spring mornings so that I can compare them to this mess of a picture.

When I’d rather be in bed.

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