Shelter from the storm?

I promise that when the weather is nicer, not as cold and miserable, I will be more willing to whip my (phone) camera out and take pictures of the beautiful outdoors. For now, photos that I take at home will have to do.

This morning’s weather was simply awful. I woke up ten minutes before my alarm went off because Canelo Dog was trying to hide under the bed, which could only mean one thing… Thunderstorms. I rolled out of bed, put a jacket on, put my rainboots on, dressed Canelo in his rain jacket, strapped him into his harness, grabbed an umbrella and out we went. I knew that if there was any hope for me to get him outside to take care of his business, I had to try immediately. The longer I wait, the more anxious he becomes, and the less willing he is to go outside. Since I wouldn’t be home until after five, I just HAD to get him to go.

He did well, did what he had to do and came right back inside, straight to my closet. Before leaving to grab the bus to school, I went into the closet to check on him. That’s this photo.

Pretty clothes = safety?

Canelo had it good, nice and comfy, albeit scared, in my closet. I left to stand out on the sidewalk and wait for the bus. It was merely drizzling at this point, but I could hear the thunder in the distance. By the time the bus made its way around the route and onto campus, the storm was right on us. I had to get off the bus and make my way about a block and a half to the next bus stop, so that I could ride to the vet school. My raincoat and umbrella were no match for the weather monster. It was raining so heavily and the wind was blowing it on me from all directions. It took about fifteen seconds of walking in that rain for me to be entirely soaked from head to ankle. Had it not been for my rainboots, I may as well have jumped in a large body of water. That’s how drenched I was. My socks stayed dry, though, and when I made it to campus, I changed into a set of scrubs that I had been keeping in my locker.

What a morning!


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