Thoughts to end the day.

Facebook did not only lead me to finding the love of my life, it has also provided me with very happy moments. Tonight, I saw a friend share of photo that was pro-gay marriage. I had no idea at all that this person supported equal rights! It made me very happy, to say the least. After reading hateful comments on the photo, I ended up posting my own opinions, regardless of the fact that what I wrote would pop up on that stupid instant news feed on the side and that others would be able to see it. Who cares, though, right? Why should I care? I always tell myself that whatever I post on Facebook is okay, because out of all the people who can read it, the only person I truly care about is my Mom. This got me thinking…

A few months ago, I posted a photo of myself wearing a purple shirt in support of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgenders. In the caption, I explained that that was the reason I was wearing the shirt. Mom saw it, of course, and left me what I just realized is the best comment that has ever been written to me. She wrote that I am a great person, with a wonderful heart, and that I am beautiful in many ways, but especially because of how loving I am towards others, including those who don’t receive love elsewhere, and that she was proud of me.

Is that not the greatest thing? Now, any random person could tell me those things and I would be all sorts of flattered, but coming from her? Really: the greatest thing.

Anyhow, here’s my 365 photo for today. Last night, I was practicing my future signature and came to the conclusion that Maxwell isn’t very fun to sign. Maybe you can tell how much I struggled and maybe you will notice that towards the end, I started to include DVM after my name. Ah, I have quite a future to look forward to. I will be Ms. Daisy Martinez no more… I will be DR. DAISY MAXWELL!

Letter ‘X’ how I loathe you.

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