Boring day

There are some days that completely lack excitement and today was one of them. The only exciting part of today was supposed to be eating a free lunch by attending a school meeting. I ended up hating the food and not eating very much of it. Some dishes are meant to have meat in them. You can’t simply prepare them without the meat and expect them to be just as good! Even drenched in soy sauce it was bland. Oh well.

This brand of soy sauce will always make me smile because it reminds me of a time when I was about ten and my brother was about 12. My dad took us out for lunch and was being goofy, making us laugh the whole time. It was just the three of us. Dad was always good about taking my brother and me places, making sure we spent quality time with him and that we enjoyed life. I can not say it enough: I have wonderful parents.

So although today was a blah day, at least I was reminded of a much better and special day. We shall see what tomorrow brings.


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