This is a page of class notes from the Embryology course I’m taking. That spot towards the bottom of the page is whatever came out of Smartie’s nose whenever she sneezed in my direction. It’s sweet that she sits on the table or on her cat tree, which is practically next to the table, and just watches me study. Sometimes she’ll even come over and play with my hair. Other times, she’ll sit on my books, something I take as a sign that I need to take a study break. And then there are times when she sneezes all over me and my school things. Silly girl. 
With love, from Smartie

She isn’t sick, mind you. She simply has chronic nasal discharge and sneezes all the time. Yes, she’s been examined by veterinarians. Nothing can be done except to dope her up on antihistamines, which I don’t always like to do because she gets so drowsy. What I am hoping is that once I am a doctor myself, or even while I am a student here, I can figure out what gives. Until then, I just try to make her comfortable, cleaning her nose all the time with a bulb syringe… And letting her sneeze all over me and my things. What other person would allow that? I’m so glad I adopted my baby girl.


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