Two birds, one stone

Remember that other idea I came across? The one about taking what’s in my closet and coming up with outfits that I have never worn before? Remember when I stated that I would post photos of those outfits as part of my 365 photography project? No? Well, here’s my first outfit post anyhow!

I have had this dress for at least three years. It came from Target. The button-down shirt I have had for about two. It was rescued from a thrift store (that’s what you do when you buy second-hand… You rescue something and allow it to be fabulous again!). The boots were a gift from my Dad, the leg warmers I bought at Forever 21, and the tights are just tights. I would have never considered wearing this outfit prior to the hours I spent perusing fashion blogs during my winter break, but I love it! Even with the heavy boots I felt super pretty and Zooey Deschanel-y wearing this. Oh, yes. I am going to thoroughly enjoy trying to be creative with my clothes. I already love it.

So here’s the photo. Hmmph. The thing is that as far as the fashion challenge goes, I excelled today. As for the photo project, not so much. I will have to find a better way to photograph my outfits. Still excited, though.


By the way, killing birds with stones or any other object is so not cool. Be kind to animals, y’all.


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