Moving on without me

Today’s photo comes courtesy of my first trip to the new SPCA of Texas animal shelter. Technically, it wasn’t my first visit to the building itself. I went there several times years ago for varying reasons. You know, back when I worked for them. My fellow employees and I would be sent there to unload donations from trucks, to undergo further training, to pick animals up… But this was years ago when that place was just a warehouse with offices in it. Now, it’s an animal shelter. A very nice one at that.

I just had to see it. Especially because when I started working for the SPCA, back in August 2006 (geeze, I’m old!), I was told that the new shelter would be opening in two years and that we’d all be transferred to work there. I had such high hopes for the new place… A state of the art shelter for animals. How exciting! But the two years passed, the economy crashed, and we never moved. I ended up leaving the SPCA to work at an animal clinic, with not even a small sign that the transformation from warehouse to shelter was going to begin soon.

Five and a half years after I started, and two and a half years after I quit, it finally opened. I wish I could have seen the back, where most of the action happens, but I couldn’t, of course. Still, I’m so happy for the animals and hope great things happen for them all.


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