So you know how my blog’s tag line is, This is how I do life. One daisy day at a time? Well, for a while I’ve been trying to find a creative outlet, one that isn’t too time-consuming since I am a full-time veterinary student, but is satisfying nonetheless. Over the past few weeks, while I’ve been on my glorious winter break, I’ve browsed several blogs for ideas and found two that were particularly intriguing and seemed simple enough to actually carry out.

The first came from several fashion blogs. It was a challenge to mix and match thirty items of clothing and somehow come up with thirty different outfits. As I read more about it, it became increasingly apparent that the challenge was called a challenge for a reason. Not as easy as you’d think. Still, the general concept of taking what’s in your closet and coming up with outfits you never dreamed of wearing when you bought the items is appealing. Something I will try a soon as I get back to my closet (it’s in College Station, I’m in Dallas… Yes, I miss it and the large amount of clothes, shoes, accessories I left with it).

The second idea is very doable considering how many pictures I already take. Basically, you take a photo everyday for 365 days and share. That’s a year’s worth of photographs. I like this idea because I can combine the fashion idea with it whenever I am actually able to come up with an outfit. Just take a picture of the dang outfit! I think the rest of the photographs will more than likely be of clouds, my pets (adorable!), trees, food (I love food), and crap from school.

I’m going with the 365 challenge. Perfect for a glimpse of how I actually do life, one daisy day at a time.

So here’s the first photo on the first day of the year (I’m excited!). Dustin and I started the new year by cooking a healthy meal. The recipe called for way too many tomatoes!

What does “seeded” mean?

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