Once again, a happy daisy

I can’t even tell how happy I am after having my family and Dustin visit me this weekend. They are all on their way home now, but my family will be back in just a few days for Thanksgiving. I decided to stay in town to get some studying done during the break, so they’re coming here instead. Actually, my Dad and brother would’ve made the trip anyway because they’re going to the football game against the Longhorns, but Mom decided to join them so that I can have myself a (vegetarian) Thanksgiving meal even though I will not be going home.

I feel so ready to take on these last few weeks of school, to start preparing to kick these final exams in the ass. I hope the weather stays pleasant, that my spirits remain high, that if I get sick it’s not severe, and that my brain keeps chuggin’ along.

Less than three weeks to go…


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