Study break post.

I am listening to Dr. Dog right now and it has me in the greatest of moods!

Earlier this afternoon, I called that crazy (awesome) woman who just so happens to be my mother to say hello. Talking to her helped my mood as well.

Also, Erica, who I met years ago when we were both undergrads at A&M texted me tonight and invited me to do some Zumba with her. Sounds like so much fun, I have been wanting to try it for quite a while. Unfortunately, with finals just around the corner and two exams on Friday, I had to decline. Next semester, though! She said the invitation will remain open. 🙂

I received an email from my apartment complex today regarding a clothing drive that the office is holding. I love clothing drives! I used to donate my clothes to a thrift store in Dallas whose proceeds went to an animal rescue group. I’m not entirely sure where the complex is sending the clothes off to, but I am participating nonetheless. There is something cathartic about cleaning out my closet and getting rid of things I no longer wear, especially when I’m not just throwing them out. I actually rearranged my closet over the weekend and spotted several items that I could do without. I was so happy with how nicely organized my closet looked that I took pictures! Am I a goof or what?

Arranged by color! So many pretty colors!

Beads! Makes me think of Gus Gus from Cinderella!

Favorite part of my closet? Canelo Dog’s perfectly pressed bandanas.

I’ll have to tackle this area some other time. Eeek!

In completely unrelated news: I can’t remember the last time I sat down to watch a movie. An entire movie, not just bits and pieces of it and not one playing in the background as I study. So, at some point (more than likely next week) I am going to treat myself to a movie (possibly two since I’ll be on Thanksgiving Break) and thoroughly enjoy it. I’m excited and being the girl that I am, I am choosing a chick-flick!

My upcoming reward. Yippeeee!

One final note, I was on facebook earlier and read that it is quite chilly in Dallas today. Several friends posted about it so I decided to check my weather app: it is 16 degrees colder in North Texas than it is in College Station. I can therefore actually say that I am glad I’m here and not in Dallas. Sorta. 😛


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