Update on the kitty!

The kitty did NOT like my kitties. She disliked my dog and ferret as well. As a result, I had to keep her away from them in the spare bedroom. This meant having to take one litter box out of the spare bedroom’s bathroom, moving it into my bathroom, and forcing my two cats to share just the one box (not cool!). This also meant depriving my animals of one entire room that they were so used to having access to. Canelo and the cats love sleeping on the bed in there and Cholula likes to cozy up in one of the bathroom cabinets. I’m sure they were not thrilled all last night and today.

More about the kitty, though: she is so darn sweet! She loves to make herself comfortable on laps and proceeds to purring as loud as she can. It’s so adorable. She has the softest meow to match her soft fur, which was also surprisingly clean and free of fleas. I honestly think that she may belong to someone just because of how friendly she is and how at ease she was being indoors. It was like she knew that that was where she belonged. I posted FOUND ads on Craigslist and in the local paper. We’ll see if anyone replies.

I also made a post on my class’s facebook page asking for a temporary home for her. I really just wanted someone to keep her until next weekend. My family should be visiting me then, so I can send the kitty home to Dallas with them if I am not able to find her (possibly non-existent) owners. Once she is in Dallas, she can hopefully go to my best friend Cent’s animal shelter and get everything she needs (vaccines, etc). Thankfully, one of my awesome classmates responded to my plea and agreed to take care of her until next Friday! It all worked out well because she doesn’t have any pets so I know the kitty will be comfortable there, plus, she’s a fellow vet student (i.e. the kitty will be well taken care of)! I provided food, bowls, litter, a litter box, Frontline, and toys. Emily is providing the awesomely comfy home with comfy couches and no other critters to scare the kitty. My animals also get their room back. Huzzah!

That’s my update on her and here is a picture:

Picked up by vet students… Winning!

On with my evening now. Feeling good about life, about animals, and about people who love animals. 🙂


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