They find me.

Dogs, I can understand. Dogs following me home or approaching me is normal. They’re dogs, they like people! A cat, however? A random stray cat in the middle of a restaurant parking lot? For it to actually meow at me to get my attention before I got into the car? For it to make its way over to me as soon as it noticed that I had heard it and was stopping to pay attention to it? For it to allow me to pick it up and set it on my lap?

I just had to bring it home. It’s a she. I had to bring her home.

Yet another rescue. I will update about her more tomorrow, I hope. Right now, I need to get ready for bed and for my tomorrow.

Oh, world. You made an animal lover out of me. Please help me help this animal. I am already asking what I have gotten myself into. Please remind me that animals and animal rescue are the reason I live and enjoy life. Please remind me that a rescue is not a burden, it is something to be proud of and to be fulfilled by. Please let me find a suitable home for her soon. Please let this all work out.


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