La Blee Da

I sleep so much better when I’m not alone and when I’m not stressing. I can’t say that I wasted hour upon hour on sleeping this weekend because sleep is such a luxury to me, that I could never call it waste. I slept on the car ride to Dallas Friday night, I slept in yesterday morning, I took multiple naps throughout the day yesterday, I slept in this morning, we all got an extra hour of sleep last night because of the time change, I took a nap this afternoon (during the second half of the Cowboys game… ha!), and I slept on the way back here to College Station. After the pitiful amount of time spent sleeping last week, I deserved every second of it this weekend. No shame.

I am definitely not liking the time change. I actually bitch about it each and every year. Here it is for this year: it is a fact that spending time in the sun leads to happier moods. How the hell am I supposed to be happy when I don’t get any sunlight? Darkness by six? I barely make it home at that time. And I spend the ENTIRE day indoors. Not only that, but the lecture halls and laboratories where I spend my days all lack windows. Depressing. Also, another ingredient for happiness is working out, not just for me, but for everybody. Endorphins. I do NOT have time to work out (as mentioned, I hardly have time to sleep!). The only workout I get is when I ride my bicycle to and from school, something that I hesitate to do when it is dark outside. Something that I will not be doing much of anymore. Damn you, winter! You suck!

I need chocolate. And sugar cookies.


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