Uh Oh

Insomnia has attacked. Talk about bad timing. Still, I will force myself to get out of bed reasonably early tomorrow morning in a few hours. I have quite a bit of studying to do. Actually, I have a lot of studying to do. I will more than likely be getting an average of five hours of sleep from now through Thursday night. Then, finally, FINALLY, I will go home to Dallas again. I should be there by Friday night. Oh, my little heart needs to be home so badly.

With my facebook account deactivated, and with the limited amount of characters allowed per tweet on twitter, I find myself blogging a lot more often. Have y’all noticed? I actually like this. I really do enjoy blogging. This is my seventeenth post this month! What’s even more rewarding is that people actually read my blog. YOU read my blog, you! Thank you. Granted, I don’t always know who has read what or what they think unless it is mentioned to me in conversation or, the more popular medium, via text message.

I do not understand why everyone is so shy to comment. I like and welcome comments, honestly, just like I do on facebook. You don’t even need a blogger account to leave one. You can either use your google account or leave one anonymously. Okay, now I feel like I am practically begging for comments, so I’ll stop. 🙂

3:00 AM. Seriously? I texted Dustin just a few moments ago with hopes that he’d still be up and make me feel better about not being able to sleep. He can stay up pretty damn late, that guy. As my luck would have it, not tonight, though.

I guess I’ll do some more studying. As always, I am at least thankful for having my furry companions here with me. A Canelo Dog hug, Cholula Belle kisses, cradling Smartie Boo, and a purring Miguel all together equal love and comfort. What would I do without my beloved babies?


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