If I look for happiness, I find it.

Earlier this evening, Canelo and I took a walk at the park that is just across the street from our apartment. As we turned the corner of the pond that is near the end of the park, I noticed a young couple staring up into the trees. They were young, obviously college students, and each one was holding a pair of binoculars. They were out bird-watching, which I thought was the most adorable thing. Canelo and I walked a bit farther, turned another corner on the trail and came across another couple, probably in their mid to late thirties, enjoying a big beautiful meal on one of the park’s several picnic tables.

I couldn’t help but smile. Both couples were just so cute! It’s one of the many things that has changed since I myself have fallen in love. Before, whenever I saw such couples I would be filled with rather negative feelings. Jealousy, self-pity, an intense longing. Now, it makes me so happy. I love love. It’s so great to see couples as in love as Dustin and I are!

Last week also had its own happy moment. When I arrived at school on Thursday morning, I noticed several of my classmates wearing purple for Spirit Day. Later in the morning, as I walked through the hallways, I noticed members from the upper classes (2VMs and 3VMs*) wearing purple as well! It was great. One of my classmates even changed out of her nice purple blouse (students usually dress professionally for the first half of our days when we have lectures) and into purple scrubs (students usually change into scrubs for the second half of our days when we have labs) to show her spirit and support all day long. Needless to say, I think she is pretty damn awesome.

I am also happy to say, that last week flew by. Seriously, it went by so quickly! I am hoping this one does the same as I get to see my Dustin FINALLY at the end of it. Friday can not get here soon enough.

With that, I will go off and be happy and hopefully get some sleep soon because I am beyond exhausted. Uff.

*There are four classes at the vet school, just like there are at Hogwart’s, although they have more at Hogwart’s. I am a first year, as are my classmates, and we are designated as 1VMs. Second years are 2VMs, third years are 3VMs, and the elusive fouth years are 4VMs. When we graduate, we are DVMs, of course. Whoop!


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