No time for hating.

Every time a teenager commits suicide because of homophobic bullying, my heart breaks a little. I wish I could find each and every kid is who is being harassed or picked on for being his or herself and tell them that they are perfect and absolutely worthy of love. I want to find the fucken bullies and let all hell loose on them! I just want them to stop! I know that they are kids as well and probably dumb as rocks, but when lives are on the line? They need some wrath laid upon them. Ugh.

Anyhow. I guess a few years ago Texas A&M opened an GLBT Resource Center on campus. There has been an GLBT organization on campus since the mid-80s, but now there is this center dedicated to educating the college and community about GLBT issues, which I think is fantastic! This center did not exist when I was an undergraduate and the fact that it is operating now fills me with hope. Progress. One step at a time.

This is a poster high-lighting campus events revolving around GLBT History Month. I wish I had the time to attend them all, but unfortunately, I do not. Again, though, I just think it’s so wonderful that in this conservative armpit town in middle-of-nowhere, Texas, such events are taking place.

I bought a plain, cheap purple shirt over the weekend. I will be wearing it on Thursday in support of GLBT Aggies and in opposition to hate.

Love. Always love.


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