I’m back.

I have reluctantly made my way back to College Station after spending less than two days in Dallas. No where near enough time. I spent the majority of the weekend studying, which makes things that much sadder. Still, I spent so much time with my sweet Dustin. Even with a brief unpleasant moment, it was still a wonderful weekend with him.

Let’s just say that I was a bitch and pissed him off. He reacted as strongly as you would expect a man to and said some nasty, hurtful things to me. He loves me, though. It didn’t take long for him to apologize to me. At that point, I let all my frustration, the frustration caused by school that is, I let it all out and had myself a very good crying session, all while his arms comforted me. I felt how much he loves me, I wish he could comfort me like that all the time. He would if he could, if he was with me at all times. Of course, that is not the case and I end up holding things in until he is with me. I can not imagine life without him. I haven’t been able to for a very long time now.

I also got a much-needed hug from my Mom, although she was not and is still not aware of how drained and disappointed I have been feeling as of lately. No need to make her worry. Just gotta let her keep on supporting me and loving me and cheering me on. That wonderful lady spent most of today in the kitchen making a variety of food for me to bring back to College Station with me. I will be well-fed all this week because of her. It reminds me of how much I miss her cooking for me!

I realize that I write a lot about Dustin and my Mom. Here’s the bottom line: I want to be taken care of.

Fending for myself isn’t all that fun. Ah well. It must be done.


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