I do love me some sports!

Dustin and I both made posts about the Detroit-New York game seconds within one another. It wasn’t even a game involving our team, but it does affect our Rangers, I guess. Still, it is just further proof that he and I are absolutely perfect together. I love my sports-lovin’ man!

Since I’m on the topic of sports, earlier this week, after the Cowboys epic fail against, coincidentally, Detroit, Dirk made a tweet in reference to Tony Romo. Actually, I should say, it was directed at Tony Romo. Something along the lines of encouraging Romo not to be too hung up on the loss (although, seriously, dude CHOKED) and to not listen to all his critics and those who doubt him. Dirk mentioned that he had his own critics as well and pointed out that he was finally able to shut them up.

Dirk, I love you and that was very kind of you, but you are DIRK NOWITZKI. Romo doesn’t even begin to compare to you. As we say in Spanish, “No te llega ni a los talones,” and that’s not just because you’re seven-feet tall. For real.

I better get back to studying. Go Rangers!


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