Am I really going to be this upset every time Dustin leaves College Station after spending the weekend here with me? I just want to cry, I am so sad. For the first five minutes after he had left, I laid in my bed, right next to the window, waiting to see if maybe he had forgotten something and was making his way up the stairs back to me. He never did. He is well on his way home to Dallas now while I am still here feeling all sorts of down.

It wouldn’t be so bad except I know that I won’t be seeing him next weekend and will instead have to go nearly two weeks without seeing him… Sad daisy. Yes, there are couples who go longer, much longer, without seeing each other, but this is all new to me so being this upset is completely reasonable, right?

I better get busy. First day of classes tomorrow. The beginning of my ridiculously busy schedule. I need to make sure I am as close to one-hundred percent ready as I can be.


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