howdy hey

It must be required for a person to be friendly in order to be accepted into vet school. Everyone has been so kind and chatty these past couple days. I am trying my best to learn names and not have to rely on the name tags that we are expected to wear (always!), but there are just so many students, so many faces. I look forward to really start to get to know my classmates and to start sharing this crazy experience with them. It’s gonna be a good one.

Throughout orientation, different organizations and companies have been providing our breakfasts and lunches. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to enjoy them much. Yesterday’s breakfast consisted of chicken sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A and today’s consisted of breakfast tacos from Taco Cabana. I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t eat eggs. Dang.

Lunch today was from Pei-Wei so I chowed down on some noodles and veggies. Although I don’t believe in fortunes or horoscopes or such things, I thought it was funny that my fortune said that now is a good time for me to make new friends. I already knew that, though! Duh.

On with the remainder of my afternoon! Last day of orientation tomorrow, finally. 🙂


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