Trouble already.

Today was going well. I woke up early to catch the seven o’clock bus, which took me to campus. From there, I grabbed another bus at 7:25 to take me to the vet school. I was at the vet school by 7:35. Very good. So regardless of traffic, regardless of weather, and regardless of that blasted train that passes right through the middle of College Station, I should have little to no problem making it to my eight o’clock class Tuesday through Thursday. Riding my bicycle would be twenty minutes faster, but with this heat, the ride is not very pleasant and I will arrive at school drenched in sweat. I don’t mind getting sweaty, mind you, but when our appearance is expected to be professional… Well, I just can’t have it. Once the weather cools down, I’ll definitely be biking.

Anyhow, yes, today started off well. I was pleased with the buses and later on, I took another trip on them to have my picture taken for school. After I got home from that, I decided to relax a little and made myself a nice, big avocado sandwich with lettuce and mustard. Unfortunately, it was too big. When I opened my mouth to take my first bite, I opened too wide and my jaw popped. I tried to pop it back into place, but couldn’t. It hurt, like a headache on the side of my face. I was still unbelievably hungry, though, and my beautiful sandwich was still sitting on the counter. I took a couple of bites, chewed, and started crying. The pain was absolutely excruciating.The only time I have felt pain worse than that was when I had two of my molars crushed and pulled out.

 After discussions about my unfortunate accident with my parents and my Dustin, I decided to ride my bike down the street to HEB for ibuprofen and soft foods. Thank goodness they actually had vegan yogurt! For dinner I had mashed potatoes and wheat bread. The only way I was able to eat the bread was by tearing off pieces of it, putting them in my mouth, letting them soak down, and then “chewing” them with my tongue. Not fun, but at least I ate. The pain isn’t as bad now, and hopefully will be even less noticeable tomorrow. Depending on how it feels, I just might have to go to the campus health center. Fun fun.

All this the day before Orientation. [sigh] I must stay positive and hope that tomorrow, my jaw won’t hurt too much for me to smile. Fingers are crossed, hopes are high. Good night.


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