Back in Aggieland

The weeks leading to my move were too hectic for me to find the time or the right state of mind to blog. My birthday passed, my going-away party was thrown, I had good times with my Dallas friends and buddies,  and I spent quality time with my family and Dustin. The days since my last post flew, just as I had expected them to.

In all the madness, my beloved boy, Canelo Dog, got a urinary tract infection. It started off with him vomiting his dinner on Wednesday night, which I initially blew off (he usually does that when he eats too fast). Then I realized that he would not stop heaving. Sure enough, two hours later, more vomiting and a lot of restlessness. At three in the morning, he threw up for the third time, yellow bile so I knew his stomach was empty. The following day, he was fasted, I syringe-fed him Pedialyte, and injected him with subcutaneous fluids. No more vomiting. At that point, I thought maybe the issue was anxiety. Our room at the time was an utter mess, with boxes covering the floor, stacked on each other, crowding us into discomfort. By Friday, however, I had noticed blood in his urine, and ruled out mere anxiety as the cause for his sickness. He had an infection and needed antibiotics. Thankfully, my best friend Cent works for the Humane Society and GAVE us the meds needed. Awesome awesome awesome.

The trip here wasn’t easy for my babies, all five of us crowded into the back seat of my Dad’s pickup, while Dad and Dustin rode up front. Smartie pooped in her kennel and got carsick. Miguel couldn’t get comfortable and missed his nap. Cholula hated riding in the kennel, and Canelo just did not have enough space. Oh, but we made it! They’re settling into our new place, Cholula being the most thrilled of them all. She is happy running from room to room to explore. My sweet princess.

[sigh] Mom had a rough time saying goodbye to me. I had a rough time saying goodbye to Dustin. Thank goodness for cell phones, eh? So the next four years of my life begin. On to FINALLY become a doctor, a doctor to the cutest patients on the planet. I’m ready! 🙂


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