A home away from home.

The trip to College Station over the weekend was very successful. I now have a place to move into next month, which takes an enormous weight off my shoulders. I still have much to stress about, mind you, but having my housing situation taken care of is huge.I am very happy and pleased with the apartment I will be moving into. A short walk across the street from my place is a nice little park for Canelo Dog and me to frequent. The apartment grounds themselves have an abundance of green space for me to walk him and plenty of those baggie-dispensers for cleaning up after dogs (that’s how you know an apartment complex is pet-friendly). There are also two swimming pools, two jacuzzis, two lighted basketball courts, two lighted tennis courts, a sand volleyball court, a twenty-four hour fitness center, gazebo-covered grills spotted across the grounds, and on-site laundry facilities. Flippin’ perfect. Water, gas, cable, and high-speed internet are included in my rent, which is very nice because it means less bills for me to pay. The bus route includes three stops along the complex and, best of all… HUGE WALK-IN CLOSETS. I am so thrilled, although I do admit that I have way too much clothes!

Dustin made the trip to College Station with me, which meant more to me than I can ever tell. I need his opinion when it comes to making a huge decision like where I will be living for at least the next year if not the next four. It’s comforting to have his approval, it makes me feel more secure about the choice I have made. It was also nice to show him where I’ll be living, where I’ll be when I am away from him, where I’ll be when I tell him that I miss him. My brother mentioned that he will be driving to College Station and spending the weekend there anytime there is a home football game. I asked Dustin if he’d maybe want to ride with my brother so that he can visit me as well and not have to worry about dealing with the drive himself. I think he’s up for the idea! Depending on his Longhorns’ football schedule, I may skip out on going to the A&M games myself and instead join him in watching the Horns, which is absolutely fine with me as long as I spend time with my man. It may seem ridiculous for me to forgo watching my Aggies, but I have lived in Dallas the past five football seasons. Rarely was a game televised. I am quite accustomed to not being able to watch them! Dustin on the other hand? No way he can miss a game, so UT Football it is!

As for my previous post? Long ago, I dedided to stop being a pessimist. I need to let go of that fear and enjoy all that is good and great and wonderful about our relationship. I love Dustin so much and should not allow our time together to be spoiled by my feelings of doubt and insecurity. He loves me too. He wouldn’t have made that trip to College Station with me if he didn’t. Nor would he have taken me to see the new Harry Potter movie (real talk!). I say this all the time when it comes to Dustin: I’m such a lucky gal.


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