July is here and I am here.

Summer has not gotten any better. The entire month of June, I was overwhelmed with boredom and monotony, especially on my days off. I am looking forward to this month being better, much better, than the last, but geeze, I really shouldn’t get my hopes and expectations up. Instead, I should simply allow things to happen on their own. I do have quite a few weekend days off from work this month, however, which should help. We’ll see. Even with the monotony, I shouldn’t complain. I shouldn’t wish for changes because oooo-weee, changes are coming and they are coming soon!

I feel the need to mention that I hate being told what to do. By anyone and everyone. Even the smallest commands like being told to text so-and-so can irritate all sweetness out of me. Ask this person that, tell that person this, do this, go there… Blarf. I think this is why I am looking forward to living all by my lonesome self so badly. Sans roomates. I hope I’m ready for it because my time in Dallas is winding down quickly. I am anxious to feel anxious. For now, I am still calm. Just wait, though. When it hits me, it’s gonna knock the shit out of me and will be be a wretched mess. Oh joy, what fun I have awaiting me!


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