You can’t let others’ negativity get you down. You can’t let their crappy attitude or their jealousy or their unkindness affect you. Fuck them. Let it roll right off your shoulders. Flip it away with your gorgeous hair. Be better than them, be more fabulous than they are, enjoy life more than they do. Smile, laugh, and love always, regardless of people’s shitty manners.

I personally can not stand ugly people. As much as I want to slap the repulsive out of them, I find it better to simply shine in their faces. Shine, shine away.

Life has given me a great reason to shine and glow and flow, but being accepted into vet school also gives me reason to stress. I really need to start saving money, but I also need to spend money. I need a bike to get around town on. I need to spend hundreds on getting vaccinated before the semester begins. I’m going to have to buy a water filter because tap water in College Station, TX is damn near disgusting. I need school supplies. I need to buy textbooks. I need to pay off my balance at work. I need to stock up on pet supplies for my beloved babies. I need to pay a pet deposit so that my beloved babies can go with me. I need to find a place to pay a pet deposit to! Where am I going to live? I need a place close to campus so that I can check on my beloved babies during my lunch breaks. I need a place close to a decent grocery store so that I can ride to it on my bicycle, the one that I have yet to purchase. How am I going to pay for groceries? I’m going to be so broke! How am I going to be able to hold a job while taking eighteen credit hours a semester?! When will I have time to study? When will I have time to relax?

And how am I supposed to live away from my Dustin and be okay? L

Still, I remind myself of the fact that this is my dream coming true. I’ve wanted to be a veterinarian since I was seven years old… That’s almost twenty years. I have worked my ass off since high school, making the grades, getting the experience, earning the respect, never losing sight of how badly I’ve wanted this. This is it for me. This is me reaching my ultimate goal, finally! How can I not be happy?

Charlie Sheen may be winning, but Daisy Martinez is shining. Duh.


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