Overcome with gratitude.

“This is probably why many young children have such a natural attachment to animals, seeing things fresh without the years to retract all the miraculous new images coming at them, all these remarkable animate beings racing and barking and panting and chirping in their midst.” -Matthew Scully

I still marvel. I could spend my days off locked up at home, watching my four critters of three different species interact with one another for hours. My patience at red lights is not tested if there is a squirrel hurrying along off the street or birds flying into open spots on power lines overhead. Bad days at work become better if I stop to look out the window and watch the dogs jump in and out of the pool or stretch out on the grass to soak up the sun.

Thank goodness I still marvel. Thank goodness I never grew out of that. Thank goodness my life now revolves and will continue to revolve around these miraculous beings. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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