Writers are selfish, writers are egotists.

I am currently working on the third of four essay assignments for my English class (I also have a lengthy research paper due in a few weeks, but I will tackle that beast at a later time). Before sitting down to begin this paper, I decided to look at my standing in the class. My grades.

They are awesome. Mostly A’s. Only three B’s.

This, my friends, I am glad to say gives me what I call “wiggle room.” Ah, yes. In this third of four essays, I am going to allow myself to write how I want to write. Not as casually as I do here, but more like the style of writing that I like to read. Like the writers whose work I admire and enjoy. Not so damn formal. I will still abide by the formatting and referencing rules, mind you, but dammit, I am tired of sounding so… so… proper.

Can I throw in an anecdote if I please? Can I introduce my thesis and claim by starting off with a story that has nothing to do with the topic or the book that this paper is about? Can I use as repetition, alliteration, and pose rhetorical questions if I freakin’ feel like it? Cos I’m gonna. I may end up getting a B on this one. That’s fine. My other kickass grades will make up for it. I will still be in the running for an A in the class for the semester. That’s really all I want.

Okay, time to wrap this sucka up.


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