Ah, well.

I decided to give myself two to three days to be upset, disappointed, and sad even. Honestly, I have just been moody BUT, it is time to snap out of it. What other choice do I have? I can’t live my days with a blah attitude that probably annoys the hell out of everyone around me including those I love. It is entirely up to me to maintain my happiness. What is it that I always say? Oh, yes: It’s my happiness and I’m keeping it, dammit!

Now, how do I go about this? Somehow, I must convince myself that my year has not been ruined. That this year, and life in general, still have much to offer me. One thing that is a personal bare nessecity is for me to always feel accomplished. It is damn difficult to feel that way right now, so I must figure out a way to get that sense of achievement back somehow. I need it. Bad. I’ve always wanted to take French back up…



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