Waiting, walking, shivering, loving

It’s so hard to have to wait. Hopefully, these are my last few weeks of not knowing. I would like to begin planning the rest of my year already. I would like to know what I’m in for. I would like to start mentally preparing for whatever it is that has to be done. Where will I be this fall? Living life the way I am now, or living life as a sleep-deprived, penniless student once more? I just want to know.

I wore shorts when I walked my dog this morning and unfortunately started to shiver. I immediately took my snazzy little phone out, opened the weather app (OMG I feel so caught up with the times!), and found out that at the time, the temperature was sixty-six degrees. Awesome. Now I know what sixty-six feels like, and now I know that wearing short shorts will not suffice. Dammit! I love wearing shorts.

Oh! I wish I had a picture of my absurd outfit this morning. Another great aspect about being in a relationship is that I can go out lookin’ a fool and it is perfectly fine, because this person or that person may think I look damn ridiculous but, what does it matter? There is a man in love with this hot mess. A wonderful man at that.


I’m out now. Hasta luego.


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